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How to Create a Printable File

Basic Requirements

File Types:

  • Files should be in .pdf, .jpg, or .tif format.
  • Photoshop files need to be flattened and saved as a .jpg
  • Text-extensive files should be in .pdf format with all fonts imbedded.
  • Most file formats will have to be converted to .pdf before printing.
  • Documents should be compiled into one file. Example: a two-sided print should be a two-page document in a single file.


  • Resolution of images needs to be between 150-300 dpi at 100% of the printed size.
  • Megapixel size should be between 3-7.2 for best outcome.
  • Text saved as an image needs resolution of at least 600 dpi.

Helpful Printing Tips:

  • If you want your image to be "full-bleed" (printing to go to the edge of the paper), your image will need extra space around the edges to facilitate final trimming.
  • It is helpful if you set color image files to CMYK or black and white image files to grayscale so our printer can easily recognize which one it is printing.
  • If adjustments are required, all fonts used in the document will be needed.

Unprepared files not meeting the above specifications will be prepared at a minimum cost of $15.00.

The #1, most important rule:

When creating a file for print, make sure the resolution is set to 150 dpi minimum but not more than 300 dpi (dots per inch or pixels per inch). Print Services recommends using Adobe Photoshop or similar programs and following these steps:

  • Click on "File", then click on "New".
  • The "New" box should contain information similar to that portrayed in the image above. It is crucial that you set the resolution between 150-300 dpi and adjust the width and height to the size you want it to print before clicking "OK".
  • Once you have your canvas, you can begin adding text and images.
  • Don't forget to re-size images before dragging them into your blank canvas.

To check or change the size of a pre-existing image:

  • Open your image file in the Adobe program.
  • Click on menu item "Image", scroll down and click on "Image Size".
  • The "Image Size" box should contain information like that pictured in the image above. Make sure the width and height are set to the size you wish it to print and make sure the resolution is set to 150-300 pixels/inch, or set to match the size of your blank canvas.

What if I don't have an Adobe program?

  • For an 8 in. by 10 in. print you will need between 1.8-7.2 megapixels. The more megapixels, the clearer the photograph will appear when printed

If you have further questions, please feel free to call us, (808) 675-3461.