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Canvas Prints

Size Complete Wrap Price
8x10 $22.97
10x10 $24.98
12x18 $41.41
16x20 $50.59
20x20 $56.69
20x30 $77.38
24x20 $70.47
24x30 $94.30
24x36 $103.20
36x48 $184.72
Custom Size

*Mirror Pricing Set-up Fee: additional $12 per canvas

A canvas print is printed on canvas material and then stretched over a timber frame. The wrap on a canvas print refers to the portion of your image that wraps around the frame. The wrap portion is the canvas that wraps around the frame and will not be visible when viewing the image front on – but still visible on the sides.

Gallery Wrap

The gallery wrap is the most popular. A gallery wrap is where the image continues around the sides of the canvas as shown below.


This is an example of a canvas print with a gallery wrap. When choosing a gallery wrap is it important that there is no important content on the sides of your photo as this part of the image will be wrapped around the sides of the frame and not visible from the front.

Mirror Image Wrap

Shown below is an example of a canvas print with a mirror image wrap.

an image of a picture of a small house on sand

A mirror image wrap for your photo on canvas is a great alternative if you are after a gallery wrap but do not have the room within your photograph. When one of our photo editors prepares your image for a mirror image wrap they will select approx. 1 1/2 inch (3.5cm) of the image and extend it out by the same distance as a mirror image of the original. It is a great way to get the gallery wrap without compromising photographic content.